This Ranger Has Been Rambling For Too Long

Hi.  I’m new here.  But it’s about time.  I lost my job three years ago next month, and have lived on unemployment or disability since.  I’ve wasted three years thinking about what I should do next.  Wouldn’t most ‘normal’ people think a little faster than that?  Wouldn’t most ‘normal’, non-ADD people, consider the fact that unemployment doesn’t last forever and maybe he or she should spend some quality time either learning a new career or seeking employment in the same one?  Wouldn’t most people of above average intelligence, like me, be so motivated by almost homelessness, few mental treatment options at this income level, and K-Mart clothing that they gave the job and career search much more timely effort?  Well, state disability for my broken ankle ended 2.5 years ago, and unemployment ended today.  Can anyone say “procrastination!”?

I have Attention Deficit Disorder.  Also, I have a Bipolar Spectrum disorder, probably Cyclothymia, for which I take Lamictal.  I also have a generalized Anxiety Disorder for which I take Imipramine.  In addition, I have a ginormous confidence problem exacerbated by the re-employment statistics for my age, gender, and weight.  I’m 51, overweight (how much is still my business), changing careers, and female.

So here’s the deal.  Tonight I sit at my computer, which a lovely friend gave me because I couldn’t buy my own, starting my journey towards an actual earned income and more life options.  Like an ADD coach.  Like organic vegetables, organic milk, and grass fed beef.  Like paying tithe to my church and giving to the fund to help other struggling people.  Like a very occasional trip to Nordstroms and a weekend in Santa Barbara at the Best Western.  And I’m going to blog my every step.  Probably.  With ADD in women all things are uncertain until all the tears are dry and the consequences in motion and the brain stimulation is at it’s zenith.  And I want someone to know why it happened, what challenges I face, how I am overcoming them, and why they, if I can, do it too.


3 responses to “This Ranger Has Been Rambling For Too Long

  1. Hi Lynnette,
    I’m new here too. I came here for the exact reason that you have (although I must say, you explained it much better). I know exactly how you feel. It’s a relief and a comfort to know I’m not alone.

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