Too much information!  The TV is on.  The screaming pounds from my son’s stereo in his room even though the door is shut.   The unread emails call to me from my inbox.  The 12 tabs I’ve opened in my Safari browser to read later draw my information junkie’s soul to find out what they have to say about blogging NOW!, not later.  One dog, the big one, gets up from his bed to put his huge paw on my leg as a request for me to scratch his furry butt.  And the two little dogs stand at the back door mewing to be let outside.  Yes, I said mewing.  They are dogs, not cats, and they mew in a pitiful way when they have to go.

Then my honey calls just to see how my day is going.  My heart is warmed but my brain begins to protest the constant interruptions.  The noise. I’ve been trying to write since 8 AM and it’s now 12:15.  According to my new daily schedule, I have to  go to the gym, shower and dress, do my housework, and be done with this post all by 1:30.

All the good bloggers say that it’s important to keep giving readers, of which I have one (me), good content on a frequent basis.  Oops, the dogs are barking to be let back in.  Hold on…………..

I need an office.  This desk in the corner of my dining room is not going to do.  It’s a lovely roll-top desk with little drawers and cubby holes in which to organize my desk stuff.  But it’s not soundproof and interruption proof nor big enough to hold the piles of perplexing papers surrounding it.  So I need a office where I can put this desk and a couple of bookshelves and two or three filing cabinets and a big potted fern by the window.  A human organizing professional would be good too. I’d put her in a corner and bring her out every afternoon to clean up the stacks and sort the mail.

My ADD brain can’t filter out nor ignore the incoming cacophony.  TMI, dude.  I wonder if my son is planning to move out soon?  His room is small, but it has a great widow facing the front yard for the plant and a wide closet for the papers.  He’s almost 20, and it’s time.

“Oh son, come here.  I have a question for you…..”


3 responses to “TMI

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    • My first comment! Thanks. TMI is fun but doesn’t sell on eBay. So off I go to take pictures of all my junk. I’m too new at this to know if I should do anything else to thank you, like embed your picture on my refrigerator door or something. Forgive me if I goofed this up. Love your ‘ass’ story – too funny!

  2. Welcome to my ADHD sister!

    One Blog at at time- and forget about the to-do list, they are stupid ;o)

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