Monthly Archives: April 2012

God Has Moved

Actually, God has not moved out of Heaven.  He’s still there, so don’t get upset.  What I’m trying to say, for my two or so readers of this new blog, is that I have an announcement.  I’ve separated my blog into four parts.  The first part will remain “addrangerramblings” and will continue to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar, and other mental health issues.  The second part will be a new blog called  “My God Provides” and deal with the intersection of life and faith in mental health.  A new third and fourth part took root in my odd brain just a few days ago.    The third new blog will be “Lonelyneedypeople“, and the fourth “On My Weigh Down to Health“.  I will continue to post on this blog, but if it’s the God part that interests you most, as it does me, move on over with God.  If you’re lonely and needy like me, move.  If you’re fat and loosing, like me, move. If you are all of these, like me, then live in several places.  I like this option for you.  It fits.  But otherwise, stay put!  And thanks for reading.