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Stigma and Mental Health

Social Stigma

Social Stigma (Photo credit: sea turtle)

Here’s an article today about the stigma attached to mental health and violence issues.  Considering the tragedy recently in Connecticut, it’s important that informed discussions about these topics occur.

Mental Health Stigma Mixed Signals

What do you think?  Is there too much misinformation out there about violence being associated with mental disorders?  And how can we better identify mentally ill people who do have violent tendencies, so that they get the appropriate help before a horrible tragedy occurs?  And one more question: is the appropriate help available?  I personally have found doctors, both physical and mental, to be highly variable in their diagnostic skills, therapies, and follow-up.  Should mentally ill patients with potentially violent characteristics be forcefully institutionalized until deemed non-violent?

These are tough topics.  They deserve tough answers.


Financial Help – Resources for Bipolar Medications

It’s been a while since I posted to this blog.  My anxiety has been high since just before Thanksgiving.  There’s  a lot of extra stress these last several months.  One of those stresses has been financial.

At Christmas especially the stress to buy presents and feed extra people increases.  When your budget is a limited as mine, worry consumes a big part of each day.

That’s the reason for this post.  I’ve found a couple of things that have helped me tremendously in the last few weeks.  One is a natural therapy for anxiety and depression, the other is financial.

Last July a new psychiatrist I saw in the county health department prescribed a medication for my bipolar anxiety which had a horrible possible side effect profile.

So I refused to take it and requested a newer medication with less side effects.  Of course, the county doesn’t pay for the newer medications.  They cost more.  So I continued to suffer.

Until, that is, I tried an herb my sister started to use for her anxiety.  Ashwaganda.  Sounds like something from Africa.  Maybe it is; I don’t know.  All I do know is that it helped a little.

Then I ran out of it and couldn’t buy more for a month.  The anxiety got worse again.  Then I bought more the first of November, and increased the dose to 1200 mg per day.

I haven’t had a seriously anxious day since.  It’s so much better I can’t believe it.  The bucket I had with me all the time to catch my anxious tears has gone dry.

Ashwaganda has evened out my moods and significantly reduced the anxiety.  I had the most restful and happy Thanksgiving I’ve had in years.

The second help I found was a few resources for financial help with medications.  Here’s a link to the resources that help millions afford the often prohibitively expensive meds prescribed for Bipolar and anxiety.

Hope these help your holidays like they did mine.  Merry Christmas!