Dust bunnies

Dust bunnies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a Christian first. Then, I’m a single mom of two grown kids who still live with me. They give me joy and irritation daily. So do the three dogs, the roommate, the overload of information on the internet, my email inbox, the hundreds of books in a box in the garage I haven’t yet read, my fiancé, the dust bunnies under all the furniture, my nil checking account balance, my mother, and my bathroom scale. I have Attention Deficit Disorder and a couple other related crazynnesses. I blog about it all and try to make a living feeding off my eccentricities while still helping others with the same issues. I’m working towards finding a part-time job to pay a few bills plus starting other blogs about other passions, my own website, and my own store on Ebay to pay some more bills while the job tapers off and the blogs gain speed. Here’s the blog I’m most passionate about:  addrangerramblings.wordpress.com. If you are a glutton for punishment, there’s another blog at http://www.MyGodProvides.wordpress.com.  There’s a few others too.  But they aren’t as wonderfully brilliant as these two.  Enjoy!


2 responses to “About

  1. Do you have a mailing list for notification of new posts?

    • Been too distracted to figure out the mailing list thing! But I will, just as soon as I brush the dog, check my email, wander out into the garden to see that lizard that just passed by the window, trim my roses growing over the wall that the lizard just ran under……..Oh, really. ADD! Such a pain. I will use you as my accountability partner and promise to get it done by Sunday, August 12. Sound good?

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