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Moving One Last Time

Hi to my 121 followers.  I so appreciate you!  I’m overjoyed that you follow, and hope I can provide you with help and hope and good information.  But I find that I want to do this in another place.  

It’s my other blog, HisBusiness.  I can’t separate anymore the things I write about from God’s Business in my life and yours.  You can find it here.

I hope you will move with me, and continue to follow.  I’d like to get to know you better. 


God Has Moved

Actually, God has not moved out of Heaven.  He’s still there, so don’t get upset.  What I’m trying to say, for my two or so readers of this new blog, is that I have an announcement.  I’ve separated my blog into four parts.  The first part will remain “addrangerramblings” and will continue to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar, and other mental health issues.  The second part will be a new blog called  “My God Provides” and deal with the intersection of life and faith in mental health.  A new third and fourth part took root in my odd brain just a few days ago.    The third new blog will be “Lonelyneedypeople“, and the fourth “On My Weigh Down to Health“.  I will continue to post on this blog, but if it’s the God part that interests you most, as it does me, move on over with God.  If you’re lonely and needy like me, move.  If you’re fat and loosing, like me, move. If you are all of these, like me, then live in several places.  I like this option for you.  It fits.  But otherwise, stay put!  And thanks for reading.

Editing and How God Provides

I went back and read a few of my first six posts.  They need some serious editing.

Paragraphs are too long and thoughts run together.  I use ‘and’ and ‘so’ too much.  The origin of idealistic statements may not be understood.   I need to include a bit more detail to get the message across clearly.

This blog is supposed to be about ADD and bipolar issues, and how God helps with these things.  I have wondered if blog posts that deal primarily with the things of God fit here.  But since all aspects of my life are affected by the ADD and bipolar, I feel justified in writing about spiritual issues.

God’s grace is how I deal day-to-day with the ADD and mood swings.  So to give God thanks for making the consequences of my disabilities less serious than they could be without God is one of my goals.  To provide good information is secondary.

Good information in this blog does need to be present for my readers however.  If I give helpful and interesting information, readers follow.  Plus, I learn more from the research and writing process than I could without it.  The subject teaches the teacher.

God edits my life.  He cuts out the extra, needless words and actions.  He rearranges thoughts, moves ideas about, and adds in stuff to make the whole come clear.

Nothing could be more illustrative of this process than God’s provision for my family in the last week.

Last Friday morning got a bleak start.  We were all home and it was raining.  We were wondering how we would get enough food to eat until payday next week.  I was alternately crying and looking up food banks on the Internet.  I forgot all that stuff I wrote about faith.  I left out the ‘remember’ part of what God had said.

God didn’t forget.  One of our cars was very old and just that week have given up on life.  It couldn’t get us one block anymore, much less 50 miles to work, without a major investment.  In addition to crying about the lack of grocery money, we were all wondering how we would all get to where we needed to go in the weeks ahead.

It’s funny how good solutions don’t occur to me unless something or someone behind the thing prompts them.  Because of the ADD I tend to overlook the obvious.  I miss details.  Which is why the dad in this little family was the one that blurted out the obvious.

Sell the car.

I called ‘Cash for Cars’ and told them about our junker-clunker.  I thought it might have some value for parts if nothing else.  But their response was more than I hoped for.

They offered me $400 for it and came out that same afternoon to tow it away!  We took the cash, went to the grocery store, and had dinner with the results.  We also had breakfast the next day, lunch the next noon, and will be able to continue in that routine for the foreseeable future.  We also paid the phone bill and put gas in the other car.

We will have to share a car for a while, but for some reason that seems so much easier now than it did before this little crisis.  We are managing.

God provides.

Blessings in Disguise

I started a Christian blog over a year ago for normal Christians and for people with ADD and other mental crazynesses.  That’s a new term in the DSM, by the way.  This blog has a Christian overtone because that’s the only way I know how to see life.  With God.  Without Him there is no life. So maybe this fits in this blog, maybe it doesn’t.  But it must be said.

I never liked taking care of myself.  For 51 years I’ve periodically gone back in my mind to the days when Mom and Dad were home on a weekday night and I would drive up our steep driveway after a long day at school.  I was 18 or 19, and loved to be at home.  I wasn’t a partyer and didn’t care to be with groups my own age because I knew that no matter how unskilled I was socially, Mom and Dad didn’t care.  I didn’t know about ADD then but I knew that they were safe and more than one friend at a time wasn’t.  I didn’t have the ability or energy or confidence to deal with anyone else.

When I drove up to the house, the lights would be on welcoming me.  Mom would be in the kitchen fixing dinner, and Dad would be sitting in his recliner watching the news.  They smiled when I came in and asked me how my day was.  They paid for my gas to get to school, my lunch while I was there, my dinner when I got home, my bed when I went to sleep, and my Thursday night TV fix of ‘The Cosby Show’.  They gave me warm talks around the fireplace and exciting vacations and family dinners and above all else, security with love.

I want to go back.

But I can’t.  No one can.  Life truly is hard and the world doesn’t care.  People all around the world die daily because there is no one near who cares.  This could be me.  It may be me someday if (insert name of past or current president or other hated politician or celebrity) gets his way.



He cares.

I got fired three years ago.  One broken ankle, one year of disability, and 99 weeks of unemployment later, I’m forced to stop crying and start providing for myself as fast as possible if I want to eat tomorrow.  Literally.  That’s God’s mercy, folks.  We with ADD don’t learn important lessons very well.  It takes repetition and a knock on the head.  We don’t do planning for the future at all well.  So God keeps providing lessons.  I can read.  Why don’t I learn from other’s hardships so I can avoid all this pain myself?  Because I’m human.  And because I am a human with ADD and Bipolar and anxiety disorder and I’m single and there’s no support to get expensive help.

Since I was a completely crappy employee as a Food Service Director at a hospital, I figure the hard work necessary now would be easier and I’d do it better if I liked what I was doing.  So I’m blogging.  And I’m selling stuff on eBay.  By the way, eBay pays experienced instructors to give a class on the basics and beyond of selling on eBay.  I took this class last week and it was fantastic!  Highly recommended.

This blog is too long.  From what I’ve read so far about blogging, keep it relatively short, don’t get too personal, and provide helpful content.  Sorry guys.  This one’s about me and God and anyone who may feel the same or be in the same shoes.  There is hope if we wait and look.

That’s not to say I’ve sold a thing or gotten a writing job or even a part-time at MacDonald’s.  I’ve been too overwhelmed by it all to get moving.  Depression feeds on calamity and ADD/Bipolar is there for the kill.  But God.  He’s letting me suffer a little so that I will become stronger.  He’s giving me the gift of coming to the end of myself so that He can show Himself strong on my behalf.  And He will.  Tomorrow.  Now, actually.  And I’m going to let you know as His blessings come.  Even the blessings in disguise.

One of my my next posts will be on the hardship of defending against ignorant people who say that there is no such thing as an un-apparent mental disorder.  Like ADD or Bipolar or Anxiety.  With one side of the mouth they spout sympathy for the mentally ill, and with the other side say there are no degrees of illness nor behavioral symptoms nor reasons why we have trouble doing the things that others find normal.